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Investing for the Future

Grow your assets with a proven long-term investment strategy tailored to your specific goals

Investing for the Future

We believe that everyone should invest for the future. We also know that the world of investments can seem complicated and overwhelming at times with so many different ways to invest and so many different funds to choose from. We can help you cut through this complexity, simplify your investments and make sure they always work hard for you.

We start by looking at your financial position and really understanding what you want to achieve. We look at short, medium and long-term investments as well as savings and always consider the most tax-efficient way for you to invest your money.

We help you understand the basics of successful investing and answer any questions you have about your current investments or more broadly. We see this education as an essential part of our process. It doesn’t stop at our initial discussions – we are committed to helping you better understand your finances so you can make the best decisions possible at all times.

The next step is to assess your attitude to investment risk. Should you invest cautiously and limit your risk or should you go for high levels of growth? We conduct a detailed assessment before we recommend the best portfolio for your money – ensuring you never take on more risk than you should. Our in-house investment management team have designed a number of portfolios that cater for all requirements and really deliver results.

We can also assess any existing savings and investment policies you have and see if we can get them working harder for you or simplify them into a single contract that is far easier to manage. If there’s any paperwork or administration to do to get your policies setup or re-configured, we’ll take care of it all.

We don’t stop there. We continually monitor your investments, reporting their performance to you regularly and give you access to the client portal where you can check their value (and your complete financial position) any time you like.

When it comes to your investments, we’re here every step of the way with you. Quality advice with quality investment management designed to get your investments working as hard as you do.

The value of investments and the income from them can fluctuate and investors may not get back the full amount invested. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Please contact us for more information on our range of investment portfolios.

Some of the Questions We Can Help Address

We can help answer any questions you may have in relation to investing for the future. Questions such as:

How much should I be investing?

How much will my investments be worth when I need to spend them?

How have my investments been performing?

What should I do if I want to invest for a specific life event?

How much should I have in easily-accessible savings?

How should I invest for my (grand)children?

How can I invest in the most tax-efficient way?

How much risk should I take with my investments?

Can I simplify and consolidate my investments?

Should I invest in an ISA, pension or something else?

Which of my investments should I use to fund my spending?

What kind of investment portfolio should I have?

Top up your investments any time you like

We think investing money is great and like to make it as simple as possible. Using our award-winning technology known as ImpuleSave®, we allow you to add money to your existing investments at the touch of a button – whenever and wherever you are – with as little as £1.

Did you know… there is a massive difference between the very best and very worst investment funds

When it comes to investing, there are a huge choice of funds in which you can invest. Some funds provide investors with excellent returns, while many others are ‘dogs’ – really poor funds that consistently perform poorly. For example, if you had invested £100,000 in the best performing investment fund 5 years ago, it would now have more than tripled in value to £366,000. However, if you were unlucky enough to have invested in the worst performing fund, you would be left with just £23,900 today.

Source: FE Trustnet. Based on performance data for the entire OEIC and unit trust universe. Figures correct as at 23/02/15.

Do you have the time to really make your investments work hard?

The investment experts at NorthStar can help you invest with confidence and with minimal effort. We monitor and rebalance your portfolio regularly to ensure it is always in the best position and on track to achieve your goals. Are you doing the same?

Investment & Savings Products

We access all the major investment products to help our clients achieve their goals in the most tax-efficient way. These include:

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are tax advantaged investment accounts. ISAs can invested in a wide range of different things including investment funds, shares, bonds or cash.  There is no tax to pay in a ISA and no tax to pay when money is taken out.

Junior ISA

Junior Individual Savings Accounts (JISAs) are similar to regular ISAs but are specifically for those under 18. As with ISAs, a Junior ISA can invested in a wide range of different things including investment funds, shares, bonds or cash.  There is no tax to pay in a Junior ISA. Parents or other family members can pay into a Junior ISA for a child who is then entitled to the money on their 18th birthday. Alternatively, they can keep their funds invested to spend throughout their life.

Lifetime ISA

Lifetime ISAs are available to those under 40 and can be a great way to save and invest. Up to £4,000 a year can be contributed with the government putting in upto an additional £1,000 a year as long as the funds are used to purchase your first home or to fund your retirement (after age 60). Lifetime ISAs can be a great way to save tax-efficiently while retaining access to your money should you need it earlier.

General Investment Account

This is a standard investment account that is liable to tax on any interest or growth. The main advantage of a General Investment Account is that there are no limits to what can be invested or withdrawn at any time. A General Investment Account can be invested in almost any form of asset such as company shares, property funds, bonds, managed funds or cash. It is often better to maximise investment into other tax-advantaged products (such as NISAs and pensions) before investing in a General Investment Account. However, this type of product can be useful where large sums need to be invested.

Investment Bond

Investment bonds are designed for lump sum investments.  The tax treatment of an Investment Bond allows for some tax-deferred withdrawals each year so this can be a great option for those looking to draw an income from a lump sum. Investment bonds are often used within trusts for tax planning purposes. As with many other products, an Investment Bond can invest in a wide range of assets including investment funds, shares, bonds or cash.

Offshore Investment Bond

An Offshore Investment Bond is similar to a regular Offshore Investment Bond but the product will be based outside of the UK (often in  Ireland, Luxembourg, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man). The main difference with an Offshore Investment Bond is that much of the tax payable on gains made within the bond is deferred until it is taken. This can be advantageous when an investor’s tax position is likely to change during the term of the policy.

Venture Capital Trust & Enterprise Investment Scheme

A Venture Capital Trust (VCT) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) are ways of investing in a basket of very small companies which are looking for further investment to help develop their business. This is a vital area of the economy, and without funding from venture capitalists many companies we consider household names would never have been able to grow their businesses. To encourage investment in this area, the government offers generous tax benefits to investors, including significant tax relief when investing. VCTs & EISs can provide very strong returns to investors but are often very high risk and are therefore aimed at wealthier, more sophisticated investors who can afford to take a long-term view.

Current Account
Current accounts are used for day-to-day banking. Typically these accounts receive earned income and are used to pay bills and other expenses.  Current accounts often offer very low rates of interest so it is usually inadvisable to keep large sums in these types of account.
Savings Account

A savings account is a type of bank account primarily designed for longer term savings. These may be ‘instant access’ or may require a short period before withdrawals can be made. Savings accounts usually provide a higher rate of interest than current accounts and can be used for saving a lump sums and/or regular savings. Many people use savings accounts to provide themselves with an ’emergency fund’ that can be used if needed and to provide safe and secure longer term savings. Typically, the interest rates available on most savings accounts are significantly lower than could be achieved by investing money in other things, so significant sums left in savings accounts for the long-term may be better off being invested.

National Savings & Investments (NS&I)

National Savings & Investments (NS&I) is owned by the UK Government and offers a range of savings and investment products. A key benefit of NS&I is the security of capital offered by the government backing of the organisation. Some products are tax-advantages, some not. Some are aimed specifically at children to encourage long-term saving. Some products like the Pensioner Bonds have annual investment limits. NS&I products can provide useful savings vehicles and provide long-term capital security although higher returns can usually be found elsewhere by investing in a broadly diversified investment portfolio.

Awards, Accreditations & Trade Associations

We are committed to delivering the best service to our clients and working to the very highest professional standards. Our work has been rewarded with a number of awards and professional accreditations. We are also members of the leading financial planning trade associations.

Review and rebalance

We expertly craft our investment portfolios to ensure they are perfectly balanced and optimised to achieve your goals. Over time, the investments held in any portfolio may grow at different rates, meaning the composition can ‘drift’. This can result in a portfolio becoming misaligned and unbalanced. We ensure all NorthStar portfolios are reviewed and rebalanced every 6 months* so you can be sure your investments remain perfectly aligned to your goals.

*Client investments managed by NorthStar held outside of the NorthStar portfolios are reviewed and rebalanced every 12 months.

“ Money can’t buy happiness, but it will certainly get you a better class of memories.”

Ronald Reagan

The Key Benefits

Our investment management services will help you get the most from your investments and allow you to achieve your goals.  Here are just a few of the main benefits you will enjoy:


Know how much you should be investing


Simplify your investments


Get expert investment management advice


Hit your investment goals


Reduce or eliminate paperwork


Have a great investment portfolio


Monitor your investments 24/7


Limit your investment risk


Invest tax-efficiently


Receive regular investment reviews

Learn More About Investing for the Future

Learn about the unique NorthStar investment philosophy.

Find out more about the complete range of NorthStar investment portfolios.

Discover which NorthStar investment portfolio may be right for you without our Personal Portfolio Builder.

Find out our investment services fees.

If you have further questions about our investment services, please see our FAQ.

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Track your financial position 24/7

We use award-winning software so you can see your complete financial position at any time, on any device. This puts you in total control and able to make better financial decisions.

Awards, Accreditations & Trade Associations

NorthStar is proud to be a member of the leading financial planning trade associations. Through a continued commitment to adhere to the highest professional standards and deliver exceptional service, NorthStar has received a number of awards and professional accreditations.

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